How do I open a bitcoin wallet account?

I have been approached by many newbie who wants to be part of bitcoin community. Some of them are graduates, housewife, my friends or even buddy, colleague, business owner to retiree. Most of them are non computer geek, hence I come up with such service. I hope to resolve some issues around me. First thing first, the main concern is security. If you have other questions in your mind and you should read topic: What's bitcoin? in more details and it won't be discuss in this section.


AIRKAYU: An innovative marketplace for products and services

Offer you another way to get in touch with niche marketplace, secure a good deal without too much hassle. AIRKAYU is a reliable brand and trustworthy platform that promises customer satisfaction in the first place and provide organic growth for merchant market shares. We take this business very seriously, enjoy doing it and will continue to deliver the best outcome to all people here.


Advertisement Posting Service

Welcome here! New listings are submitted through whatsapp: Jackson at +60(11)2020 1023 to be reviewed, verified and edited by me. The item is posted to my new listings upon approval. Posting an item for premium listing is RM20 or ฿0.02 which is a one time charge and subject to local seller's jurisdiction law. You may pay directly to 1CLmPYeDfV6DcXpnYbNtQpc4BBUYrEkb9j and then notify me via whatsapp. Free listing is available but subject to terms and conditions, see choice of posting below:-


Mutual Fund Investment

10% yield earned in distribution per year
Investment Amount: 5.0 BTC
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

What is this?
This is a mutual fund financial vehicle which let you take proactive measure to invest and earn passive return for you.

Is it a guarantee?
No, nothing is guarantee in investment unless it is a scam or pyramid scheme.