Mutual Fund Investment

10% yield earned in distribution per year
Investment Amount: 5.0 BTC
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

What is this?
This is a mutual fund financial vehicle which let you take proactive measure to invest and earn passive return for you.

Is it a guarantee?
No, nothing is guarantee in investment unless it is a scam or pyramid scheme.

How the 10% interest earn return yearly calculate from?
I calculate average our fund return from pass 10 years, 5 years and 3 years.
Given in a range of 8% to 12%

It is authorised by government?
Yes, it is strictly control and protected by security commission.
We need to follow the stringent rules set by government.

Could I invest in cash or EPF?
Yes, you can invest whatever amount not less than RM1,000 depend on your need. Not compulsory.
We do provide a professional financial planning for our customer.

How is it with the charges?
One time only 5.5% charges of your invested amount. No extra charges/yearly charges after invest.

When could I cash out? Is there any charges to exit?
You may cash out anytime and there is no charges for exit.

Could I check the performance of my invest?
Yes, you may log in to your member account anytime to check the performance.
Through official website.

I gonna share with you about the [Benefits of Investing in Unit Trust]

#. Professional Fund Management
#. Diversification
#. Capital Appreciation/Income Stream
#. Advantages of Compounding
#. Flexibility & Affordability

How do you invest wisely?

#. Lump Sum Investment
#. Ringgit Cost Averaging
#. EPF Member Investment Scheme

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