Merchant POS Solution

I offer UNIFI Biz Merchant POS Add-on that comprises of 3 conventional + 2 modern solutions and here is the details of each package. First of all, you must have UNIFI Biz broadband before you may subscribe for this merchant solution. Manager Basic, Manager Pro 1 and Manager Pro 2 are the conventional packages whereas SurePay and SurePay POS are the modern packages. To check whether you have access to infrastructure, you may What's app me, TELCO: [full_installation_address] to Jackson @ 011-20201023

E.g. TELCO: 99A, Jalan Damai 5, Taman Tasik Damai Lake Fields Sungai Besi, 57000 Kuala Lumpur
E.g. TELCO: 5-15-2, Apartment Intana Ria, Seksyen 7/4, Bangi

Look, conventional merchant solution is everywhere nowadays and it's been in the market for the past 10 years or so. Bear in mind that, operator wants a simple accounting at the end of the day to monitor business growth. The keyword here is connectivity. The way I define typical means either (1) the operator applies it directly from a local bank or (2) via third party local/global payment gateway solution. It sets different footstep for you as the factors affect your decision and outcome are usually sales turn over volume, chargeback and fraud preventive measure stipulated in the terms and conditions, last but not least is the duration you get your payment settlement and other costs concern with deployment. No doubt banks offer you merchant solution. But, what I want to show you the alternative are some third party local one e.g. ipay88, molpay, braintree and many more whereas third party global one, just to name some e.g. paypal, alipay, bitpay, applepay and etc. The highlight here is UNIFI Biz Merchant POS Add-on for Manager Basic, Manager Pro 1 and Manager Pro 2 which belong to third party local one for your consideration. It has two years contract duration.

UNIFI Biz Merchant POS - Manager Basic
[Price:RM99 per month]
Just the license itself only, you may use a computer or mobile phone to accept payment online from your customers. It is a web based solution. That's all and you got to take care of the rest.

UNIFI Biz Merchant POS - Manager Pro 1
[Price: RM280 per month]
You will have one iPad, a stands, receipt thermal printer, and a cash drawer on rental basis. This package already included the license. So, a typical merchant solution you see everywhere and the beauty comes with reporting and TM hosts it for you. How details is the report for accounting reason, I can email you a copy or show it here later. Warranty covers lifetime over the contract, so does the supports.

UNIFI Biz Merchant POS - Manager Pro 2
[Price: RM3900+RM99 per month]
This is a buyout solution who prefer not to rent it, so you get all the equipment listed from above. However, you still got to pay the merchant subscription fees. Reports included? Wait, I got to check in further details from my vendor.

Well, it is time to show you some real innovation behind a merchant solution inspired by Apple Pay or another happening blockchain technology by BitPay which distance the old technology and the modern one. Once you experience it, you will know what I mean and you will truly love it. May sales bring your business to another level.

UNIFI Biz Merchant POS - SurePay
[Price: RM18 per month for one dongle] [Price: RM30 per month for two dongles]
This solution is exactly what squareup is offering to the US market at the moment, a different checkout experience for a customer. That sleek dongle is attachable to your tablet or mobile phone thru 3.5mm jack. I believe it is a magnetic swipe terminal, I will show you some videos later. Imagine, I walk into your bar and after I finish my business with a glass of Corona, upon checkout at your counter, I present my credit card and you display the total of bill, later swipe it using your Samsung phone attached with the dongle, flip it to me then I sign it on the screen using your stylus pen with/without OTP. You have an option to email me or print it out using your thermal printer receipt. It is a cashless and a paperless solution here I present it to you.

UNIFI Biz Merchant POS - SurePay POS
[Price: RM200 per month]
Similarly, it comes with full reporting and the dongle. I can email you a copy or show it here later. I reckon this trendy latest solution not only reduces your overhead costs tremendously but also offer both merchant and customer a whole new level of experience during checkout. Cool and fun, isn't it?