Jobs: Drupal Formatted Coupon

#1. Ubercart uses uc_coupon at
#2. Drupal Commerce uses commerce_coupon at

Customize template for each of them, using the same theme

Try to generate a set of 10 coupons, and then give me one set of code. The default template is what you need to work on

I want the coupon code present in an A4 size paper where I can cut it and give it to customer as a gift

Instead of output it as .csv, can you try to print a copy in .pdf and check it out yourself? This is actually the sample I gave it to you the other day, it's not up to standard

This the default of coupon template and why I said it is not up to standard:-

1. One A4 size paper can only print one coupon, don't you think it kinda wastage?
2. Coupon doesn't allow me to upload my coupon background image
3. It is badly phrase. Have you seen a good coupon? Have you received a coupon in your life before?

I need you to squeeze into a rectangular shape of voucher, let me know how many coupon can I get in an A4 size paper? The barcode is for the voucher code right? Is "Selling Books" a variable? In my website, I sell plenty of items. Don't repeat the voucher code, and then you need to protude/entrude the voucher code so that it is obvious and comfortable sweep at glance. Is that phrase "Please visit us.. at checkout to obtain your discount" adjustable in variable filled in my module? I may have to update from time to time accordingly, just like an editable slogan in drupal website

Before I forget, where is the expiry date of voucher? Every voucher has an expiry date

Logo can squeeze it into a corner together with

By the way, whenever I distributed out my vouchers, I need to have a recording procedure, usually with the help of ID number so that I can tear it off right part I keep, left part to the customer

Size of voucher shown as below:

What's the function of the barcode you suggested? I thought it's for my counter, where admin can scan the voucher if the customer checkout on the spot, say a skincare shop

Store Name for which the coupon is generated.
I don't really get what you mean

4. Please do so and 5. is basically to elaborate on 4. The reason is simple, I can't have the voucher where the phrase is always same right? I may need to change the content of words of the voucher from time to time e.g. Xmas, New Year, I may need to have those words in there. Just make sure it is editable will do

6. Well, when you generated a batch of voucher, there is an existing expiry date, you need to show it in the voucher for clarity

There is terms and conditions spelt out in the vouchers usually behind the voucher. How do I reprint the voucher front and back

Well, coupons.png is not acceptable. First version, offer.png is better. You just need to correct it.

Put the logo inside
Put the discount coupons inside
Put the barcode inside
Entrude/Protude the voucher code
Add expiry date
Add next to logo
Enable me to upload the background image of the front voucher
Move the terms and conditions to the back of the page, make it to editable field, lower font size

Don't forget the slip, I may need to keep after I tear it off to the customer


Preferred voucher in rectangular shape, not square
You got to adjust the font size accordingly, quite messy
Well, not every online user has a barcoder at home, still need to key in manually, make sure it is easy to read

Which one you are talking about?

#1. Ubercart uses uc_coupon at
#2. Drupal Commerce uses commerce_coupon at

I can install it if it is required by the module

It has to be in A4 size. Everything has to be inside the coupon, not outside. I can see the logo and www.airkayu fall outside. The offer.png has a good edge of the coupon. I don't want to have a coupon within a coupon.