Jobs: Broadband IT Specialist

Broadband IT Specialist

Aim to be a reliable and leading provider of tech savvy low cost effective solution to all my customers with continuing of services and supports plus more than 5 years of experience in the market especially Klang Valley region. Your satisfactory of my work is the utmost importance and greatest asset thru spread of words.

Scope of work

Section 1:
Provider of Refurbished Windows/Linux Desktop+ solution
#. Photocopy/Printer Machine
#. Backup storage system
#. Desktop/Notebook
#. Monitor
#. Softwares
#. Accessories

Section 2:
Provider of Cable/Wire/WIFI Networks solution
#. Extend AP Hotspot signal within own premises
#. Internet access Failover/LoadBalance
#. Recommendation of UNIFI/TIME/Maxis/Symphonet Fibre
#. Check backbone infrastructure coverage of Home/Biz Package
#. Followup on blacklist, port full issues, address not found, high latency damages, roll out new development area and early bird access notification

Section 3:
Provider of CCTV/Alarm/Door Security solution

Section 4:
Provider of IP-PBX Key Phone solution
#. Voice
#. Fax

Section 5:
Provider of Terminal POS solution
#. Support credit card or integration to other online payment gateway
#. Support bitcoin acceptance
#. Cash drawer, Receipt ink printer, Touch screen
#. Reports