How do I open a bitcoin wallet account?

I have been approached by many newbie who wants to be part of bitcoin community. Some of them are graduates, housewife, my friends or even buddy, colleague, business owner to retiree. Most of them are non computer geek, hence I come up with such service. I hope to resolve some issues around me. First thing first, the main concern is security. If you have other questions in your mind and you should read topic: What's bitcoin? in more details and it won't be discuss in this section. People who are reading my post here is ready to proceed to opening a bitcoin wallet account, pretty much like a bank service when you walk into a counter. Either you do it with third party service, rely on them for reputation or be your own bank in a bitcoin world. You just need a computer to generate a bitcoin wallet account and you will need an internet connection to make a bitcoin transfer or check your bitcoin balance, as simple as that.

This service I offer free to you. You will be using third party provider. The risk would be bank run if that online provider is not solid enough or collapse eventually and your bitcoin vanish together with them. I can give you a list which I reckon they are trustworthy and recognise in bitcoin community. But, there is always no guarantee. So, park it at your own risk!

-> Parking with bitcoin wallet provider
Just to name some e.g.,, and etc

-> Parking with exchange
Just to name some e.g.,,, and etc

Another service is you generate your own bitcoin wallet account. And I will need to charge RM200 one time fee for going thru with you and all the coaching over a tea-break session and thereafter 7 days with online supports, answer your questions, point you to the right direction and give you online knowledge base materials to read up. The bill is on me, don't worry. SMS or What's app me for appointment. Jackson @ +601120201023 in the following format: MEETUP [location] BY [your-email-address]

E.g. MEETUP Subang Jaya BY [email protected]