Bitcoin Ransom Seeker, Prime Suspect of Kidnapping Hong Kong’s Billioniare, Faces Lifetime Imprisonment

By Haruaki Osamu

Yesterday, the investigation of the Taiwanese kidnapping extortion case of the Chairman of Hong Kong Pearl Oriental Oil Group (東方明珠集團), Wong Yuk Kwan, was completed and the main suspect, Tsai Li-Wen, along with another 6 suspects were accused by the prosecution.

The Taiwanese prosecution has claimed lifetime imprisonment in captivityfor Tsai Li-Wen, while the others including Xu Linong, Dingjin Wang and Zhou Kemin, were evaluated for an imprisonment for 7-20 years.

Hong Kong Tycoon Abduction In September:
On September 20, 2015, the Chairman of Hong Kong Pearl Oriental Oil Group (東方明珠集團), Wong Yuk Kwan, was kidnapped near his home in Xindian, New Taipei, where he was spending some time with his Taiwanese wife. According to the local police, the Hong Kong tycoon was transferred, by the kidnappers, to an abandoned facility in Kohy Township (口湖郷), which is located in Yunlin County, but was transferred shortly after to a house under construction within the same county.

On October 17th, the kidnappers demanded a ransom of around 70 million Hong Kong Dollars (around $9 million USD) in bitcoin to avoid being tracked.

A Closer Look Into The Prosecution’s Decision:
According to the police’s investigations, Wong, who is 67 years old, was held in captivity for over a month, in a small room that had nothing but a thin bed mattress in a house under construction in Yunlin County, somewhere near Southern central Taiwan. The room was veiled with black curtains and Wong was always blindfolded. When the police found Wong, on October 28, 2015, he was in a terrible psychological state and had multiple bruises on scattered areas of his body.

The prosecution considered the crime a brutal one that spread social panic all across the country. Moreover, the victim was brutally beaten by the suspects, who tried to blackmail Wong’s family by asking for a ransom in bitcoin. Not only this, the prosecution also mentioned that the suspects refused to cooperate with the investigative authorities, after being arrested.

Accordingly, they saw that a life imprisonment verdict would be fair for Tsai-Li Wen putting into consideration that he is the mastermind behind the abduction and that the other 6 suspects were only following his orders!

Tsai-Li Wen may face a lifetime imprisonment sentence after kidnapping Hong Kong’s Tycoon, Wong Yuk Kwan, and blackmailing his family to pay a ransom in bitcoin, It is good to see such criminals, who attempt to use bitcoin for illegal and illicit activities, get caught and receive the punishment, they really deserve.