Another Chinese city just dealt a big blow to Uber, Didi Kuaidi

BY Erik Crouch and Steven Millward

Representatives from China’s top three ride-hailing apps – Uber, Didi Kuaidi, and Yongche – were brought before Shenzhen authorities earlier this week for some bad news. The private-car hailing functions of the apps have been declared illegal in the city.

As has happened in cities in China before, the apps are accused of circumventing taxi licensing laws.

Top bitcoin company Coinbase launches in Singapore

BY Leighton Cosseboom, Terence Lee and Nadine Freischlad

Coinbase, one of the world’s most popular bitcoin exchanges and wallet services, announced today it has expanded into Southeast Asia, and now offers its services in Singapore. The San Francisco-headquartered firm says the push into the region is part of an effort to make the bitcoin cryptocurrency more accessible around the world. By 8am local time today, customers in Singapore will be able to buy and sell bitcoin using Singapore dollars through Coinbase.

Ukraine May Soon Legalize Bitcoin

BY Allen Scott

Ukraine may soon legalize Bitcoin. The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) is seriously looking into the possibilities of implementing Bitcoin’s technology into the financial system according to Ukraine’s Bitcoin Foundation (BFU).

Ukraine Bitcoin Foundation (BFU) and National Bank (NBU) representatives met on August 19 to get a better understanding of what Bitcoin technology is and how to approach it from a regulatory standpoint.

Barclays set to become first UK high street bank to accept bitcoin as it starts taking charity donations in the virtual currency


Barclays will be the first UK high street bank to accept bitcoin later this year, the company has announced.
It plans to allow people to make charity donations using the virtual currency by going into partnership with a 'bitcoin exchange'.
Such spending platforms are essentially a way of allowing transactions to be carried out instantaneously without a bank acting as middleman.

Jobs: Drupal Formatted Coupon

#1. Ubercart uses uc_coupon at
#2. Drupal Commerce uses commerce_coupon at

Customize template for each of them, using the same theme

Try to generate a set of 10 coupons, and then give me one set of code. The default template is what you need to work on

I want the coupon code present in an A4 size paper where I can cut it and give it to customer as a gift

Everything You Need to Know about the Proposed Changes to the Bitcoin Block Size Cap


Bitcoin has entered into a new phase of its existence. Prominent developers Mike Hearn and Gavin Andresen have made changes to the alternative Bitcoin implementation Bitcoin XT, designed to fork Bitcoin’s blockchain in order to allow for bigger blocks.

The BitLicense Exodus

For your information, these companies below have ceased operations in New York due to the BitLicense which released recently.

#. ShapeShift
#. BTC Guild
#. Eobot
#. Poloniex
#. Paxful
#. Bitfinex
#. GoCoin
#. Genesis Mining
#. Unbank
#. Kraken

The Hard Fork: Will Bitcoin XT Take?

By David Floyd

“So this is it. Here we are.” With that uninspired opening, Mike Hearn announced on August 15 a change to Bitcoin’s software that has the potential to generate a hard fork in the blockchain.

It would be his second. In March 2013, a tweak Hearn introduced to version 0.8 caused a discrepancy between miners running that version and the previous one. The fork was resolved quickly, so no harm done. Ironically, though it had to do with the size of blocks.

Bitmain Launches More Powerful BM1385 Chip for Antminer S7: Most Efficient Publicly Available ASIC


Bitmain, the bitcoin mining ASIC provider, announced today that it has launched its fourth-generation ASIC, the BM1385. This chip, the company claims, can generate a 45 percent increase in hashrate while needing 50 percent less electricity than its former chip, the BM1384.

Will The ‘Real Satoshi’ Please Stand Up, Has Bitcoin’s Progenitor Spoken Up

By jamieredman

August 15th was an interesting day for the cryptocurrency community. The debate over the block size increase has escalated into two versions of the Bitcoin protocol: Bitcoin core and Bitcoin XT. On the publication Medium Mike Hearn explains why a full release of Bitcoin XT was made available on the 15th. Hearn explains through the use of Satoshi Nakamoto’s past email transcripts he and others interpret, that Satoshi himself would agree with him. He believes Satoshi would be for the XT fork implementation and describes why


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