WTS: Sapphire HD5670 512MB DDR5 128 bit, Used cards (Sapphire)

Item(s): Sapphire HD5670 512MB DDR5 128 bit (SOLD-OUT) OR
Item(s): Sapphire HD6570 1GB DDR3 128 bit (SOLD-OUT)
Package includes: Card only
Warranty: 2 years
Dealing method: COD
Location of seller: Kuala Lumpur
Contact method/details: Jackson @ 011-20201023 (What's app)
Age of item: Approximately 10 months
Item(s) conditions: Good => fan spins and dust free

BitFury Unveils Fastest Bitcoin Mining Chip Ever Created

By JP Buntinx

The Bitcoin mining game has undergone several evolutionary steps over the past few years. As mining chips became smaller and smaller, the question became whether or not hardware manufacturers could keep on improving certain aspects. BitFury seems to have cracked the code, as they recently announced the mass production of the fasted – and most effective – 16nm ASIC chip the world has ever seen.

Making Bitcoin Mining ASIC Chips More Effective

EU Rules Bitcoin Is a Currency, Not a Commodity—Virtually


Europeans: Go buy some bitcoins. They’re tax free.

Virtual currency bitcoin took another step toward legitimacy Thursday, when Europe’s top court ruled that it must be treated like a currency—not a commodity—for tax purposes.

The European Union’s Court of Justice ruled that bitcoin exchanges that transfer conventional currencies such as euros or Swedish krona into bitcoin for a fee are exempt from value-added taxes because of EU rules barring such taxes on transfers of “currency, bank notes and coins used as legal tender.”

The Top 10 Global Bitcoin Regulatory Developments of 2015

BY Marco Santori

Not a single month passed in 2015 without some groundbreaking new development in the world of digital currency regulation.

I’ll count down some of the ones that have been most influential on my own practice.

10. New Jersey: The Digital Currency Jobs Creation Act

In June, the New Jersey Digital Currency Jobs Creation Act was introduced into the New Jersey Legislature. 2015 brought us the beginnings of several new state initiatives, but this bill is the first to offer both carrots and sticks to digital currency businesses.

The rise of BlackRock

BY The Economist

In 25 years, BlackRock has become the world’s biggest investor. Is its dominance a problem?

ASK conspiracy theorists who they think really runs the world, and they will probably point to global banks, such as Citigroup, Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase. Oil giants such as Exxon Mobil and Shell may also earn a mention. Or perhaps they would focus on the consumer-goods firms that hold billions in their thrall: Apple, McDonald’s or Nestlé.

Report: Japanese Officials Draft Regulation for Bitcoin Exchanges

BY Stan Higgins

Japan's financial regulators are reportedly moving closer to creating a system for registering and overseeing domestic digital currency exchanges.

Citing "informed sources", The Japan Times reports a working group beneath the Financial Services Agency's Financial System Council is finalizing a draft text that, once finished, will be submitted to the country's legislature, the Diet, next year.

Bitcoin miner KnC is planning another four-week datacenter build-out

BY Peter Sayer

When KnCMiner takes delivery of a new generation of bitcoin mining chips, it wants them up and running as quickly as possible

Four weeks: That's how long Swedish bitcoin mining company KnCMiner takes to build a new datacenter, from breaking ground to beginning operations.

"The longest part is signing the agreement," CEO Sam Cole said Friday, announcing plans for another 20MW datacenter in the Swedish town of Boden, part of the "Node Pole" technology cluster near Lulea where Facebook built one of its most energy-efficient datacenters.

Stakes are high in hunt for bitcoin's 'messiah'

BY By Jeremy Wagstaff

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - The stakes are high in the hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto, the person or people behind bitcoin, not just for the journalist who gets it right first, but also for the cryptocurrency itself.

An Australian entrepreneur and academic, Craig Steven Wright, is the latest candidate, outed in articles by Wired magazine and technology news website Gizmodo hours before his home and office in Sydney were searched by police.

Australian police raid Sydney home of reported bitcoin creator

By Byron Kaye and Colin Packham

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Australian police raided the Sydney home and office on Wednesday of a man named by Wired magazine as the probable creator of bitcoin and holder of hundreds of millions of dollars worth of the cryptocurrency, Reuters witnesses said.

More than a dozen federal police officers entered a house registered on the electoral roll to Craig Steven Wright, whom Wired outed as the likely real identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous figure that first released bitcoin's code in 2009.


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