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Mt.Gox CEO arrested after Bitcoins disappear

Tokyo metropolitan police have arrested the 30 year-old French CEO of a failed Bitcoin exchange company.

Police suspect Mark Karpeles padded his bitcoin outstanding balance by illegally manipulating his company's computer system.

His Tokyo-based company, Mt.Gox, suddenly stopped all trading in February last year and filed for bankruptcy. Karpeles announced that 650-thousand bitcoins, worth more than eight billion yen at that time, had disappeared.

Manhattan U.S. Attorney Announces Charges Against Two Florida Men for Operating an Underground Bitcoin Exchange

By fbi.gov

Manhattan U.S. Attorney Announces Charges Against Two Florida Men for Operating an Underground Bitcoin Exchange
Defendants Operated a Federal Credit Union as a Captive Bank for Their Unlawful Business

U.S. Attorney’s Office
July 21, 2015

Southern District of New York
(212) 637-2600

Nasdaq Expects to Be First Exchange Using Bitcoin Technology

By John Detrixhe and Ryan Hoerger

Nasdaq OMX Group Inc. expects to become the first major exchange operator to use the technology behind bitcoin when a project in its private-companies business goes live in the fourth quarter.

The stock market operator is partnering with infrastructure provider Chain to use blockchain to issue and transfer the shares of privately held companies. Blockchain is the ledger that drives the bitcoin digital currency.

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In January 2015, WhatsApp was the most globally popular messaging app with more than 600 million active users. In April 2015, WhatsApp reached 800 million active users. WhatsApp Inc., based in Mountain View, California, was subsidized by Facebook on February 19, 2014, for approximately $16 billion USD. Well, this is already a huge potential market for a marketer. What my offer here is a list of contact numbers who are active in whatsapp. Each list is based on country, sold at a fix price in a copy. You may suggest where is my next target list in the comment.

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Asus X453MA 2GB RAM Intel Pentium N3540 14" Laptop (Black)

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Simplicity and efficiency combined -- the world of technology has truly paved the way for you to create wonders and stay connected to loved ones, and even the rest of the world without all the hassle of unnecessary hardware and software. Work with an efficient device that gives you all the basics but with the luxury of ease -- the Asus X453MA-BING-WX195B 2GB Pentium N3540 14 Inch.

Specifications of Asus X453MA 2GB RAM Intel Pentium N3540 14" Laptop (Black)

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